ZakeUSA™ works with some of the biggest global brands and brings them to the North American market to share with technology lovers. Check out each brand and their unique offerings that may fit your specific needs.

Experience technology in a whole new way with the Digital 2® line of electronic devices. With D2, you can experience innovation at your fingertips.

Security just got an upgrade with the Turbolock™ line of products. From wireless door locks to 6 Digit PIN Pads, Turbolock™ keeps your home, business, or rental property safe, secure, and sound.

With Rollibot™, you can clean your house with a wide variety of cleaning products and solutions. Clean up just got a whole lot cooler.

No matter how far apart you are from your furry friends, FunPaw™ makes it easy to connect and bond with your pet. With FunPaw, you can connect, nurture, and grow with your pets.

Whether you’re at home or outdoors, Mightyhand makes life just a little bit easier. Mightyhand is focused on providing products that benefit your life in way you never imagined.

Experience luxury as it should be, instantaneous. With Waerator™, bring luxury right to your dinner table.

Join the travel revolution with SWAGTRON’s fleet of personal, modern vehicles. From hoverboards to surfboards, Swagtron® is proud to offer fun new ways to get moving. Adventures begin with your feet.

Crafting technology for today. From PC peripherals to lifestyle devices, Viotek boasts an array of tech sure to add convenience to your life.

Let your beauty bloom with Effiore™ cosmetics! effiore is dedicated to making unique, cruelty- free products that let you add a little glam to your day.

Providing innovative new products designed with your health in mind. BriteUV™ makes dental products sure to put a smile on your face.